ADHD, Anxiety, Developmental Delay

I had been trying to find a neurofeedback professional for a couple of years since reading Paul Swingle’s book “Biofeedback for the Brain” as I felt instinctively that it was a treatment that might benefit my nine year old son who has been diagnosed with ADHD and Developmental Delay.

The diagnosis (at age five) was a shock but nonetheless helpful as it gave us a firm treatment pathway to follow. He was hyperactive, distracted, fidgety, as well as very stubborn and prone to outbursts of fury and tics. I have always suspected there was an anxiety aspect to his behaviour as he was very sensitive and emotional and tears of frustration were never far away. Monique assessed him with a brain map that involved taking readings of brain wave activity from points on his head. This was helpful as it showed along with some of the markers for an attention problem, he also struggled to deal with stresses.

Over time Monique has tailored the neurofeedback programme to deal with both the attention and anxiety problems and also on generally calming him down. Almost immediately a completely unexpected but very welcome benefit was that a definite ‘self’ emerged in my son and it was as if I was seeing the real him for the first time. He became a more ‘there’ child, more assertive and opinionated who was also funny in a lovely quirky way. He also started to sleep better and has begun to show better planning and organisation in his life. He has a greater investment in achieving things than he did before this treatment. He is reading more, has an improved vocabulary and feels more present in conversations. He is still a little immature for his age but over time this will matter less. We have more flexibility with him but are still mindful he needs routines to give him security.

Something I really appreciate about this treatment is that Monique is so focused on my son and tailors the treatments to his specific needs and she is committed to helping him to achieve and succeed. Over time we have built a good bond of trust between the three of us!

If you are curious about Neurofeedback for yourself or your child I would definitely recommend you start with an assessment and look at committing to a programme of treatment. I have found the result to be very good indeed. If you would like to phone me to talk to me about using the Brainwise service, please ask Monique and she will give you my contact details.