Biofeedback/Neurofeedback sessions

A  therapy programme starts after we have gained the information we need from the QEEG and clinical assessment. A typical session starts with a check in to assess progress and we talk through any counselling or coaching issues that have arisen. Biofeedback involves placing measuring your pulse of muscle tension and feeding that back to you through a computer. You learn to regulate these body functions. There are a number of biofeedback devices designed for home use. Once you have learned about biofeedback in the clinic, you can often do your own biofeedback at home. In neurofeedback treatments, placed on your scalp and they feed your brainwave activity into a computer. Neurofeedback involves playing 8 to 10 rounds of a game on a computer using your brain.

Single session: $140.00 – 55 minutes

Double session: $250.00 – 1 hour 45 minutes (most people opt for this as it means only one trip to the practice per week).

Low income clients: Brainwise offers reduced fees in some situations. Please discuss your needs.

Length of treatment:

Mental Health, Learning Problems or Brain Injuries

5 – 10 weeks of intensive treatment (i.e 2 or more sessions per week) is recommended. This is followed by another 10 to 20 sessions spaced weekly and then sometimes fortnightly. Some people come  top ups once every few weeks or months.

Peak Performance

10 to 20 sessions over a few weeks is recommended to achieve changes. High performers often find it useful to have a top up before an important event.